About Research

The Centre for Advanced Drug Research is to conduct interdisciplinary research and development projects in the field of pharmacy, chemistry and biological sciences.
The development of new drugs is a major goal of research center and represents an important engine of progress in the life sciences. Through recent research, based on the human genome project, the pharmaceutical research has gained importance especially the development of novel therapeutics. Thus, the decoding of the human genome has led to a dramatic increase in knowledge in terms of the number of potential targets for drugs (drug targets).
The main aim of research center is the therapeutic principles and the development of innovative therapeutic approaches. They include the development of new drugs, the study of mechanisms of action, as well as the research and development of experimental therapies. For example, for the efficient implementation to achieve basic research into new drugs and therapies, the networking of all relevant stakeholders in this process is essential. The research center is therefore a strategic relationship both between basic biomedical research and the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology companies.