Projects submitted for Funding

1- ICT R&D Fund “Development of a novel algorithm for docking for anticancer drug development“ amount applied 21 million.

2- Lab up gradation project, submitted to Higher Commission of Pakistan ‘‘Design and screening of NPP2 potential inhibitors as novel anti-cancer drugs“ amount applied 1.0 million.

3- ISESCO ‘‘Research Grants Synthesis and biochemical evalution of autotoxin inhibitors as drugs“ amount applied 1.0 million.

4-Identification of potent and effective Aldose Reductase inhibitors as potential Anti-diabetic drugs. Amount applied 12000.00 USD.

5-Synthesis of Urease Inhibitors for Sustainable Development of Crops in Agricultural land in Pakistan. Amount applied 2.0 Million

6-Identification of the effective and potent Aldose Reductase inhibitors for the prevention of Sugar Cataract. Amount applied 4.0 Million

7-Development of anti-malarial assay and identification of potential anti-marlarial drugs.