Sami ullah Khan

Research Interest:

  • Design, Fabrication, Formulation and Evaluation of Controlled-Release & Targeted Drug Delivery Systems

Email id:

Current status:
PhD Scholar(Pharmaceutics)
(COMSATS Abbottabad)

Research  Publications:

  • Nazar Mohammad Ranjha, Samiullah Khan. Chitosan/Poly (vinyl alcohol) Based Hydrogels for Biomedical Applications: A Review. Journal of Pharmacy and Alternative Medicine 2013; Vol.2 (1): 30-41.
  • Samiullah Khan, Nazar Mohammad Ranjha. Study of swelling and Verapamil release from pH sensitive hydrogels based on chitosan/acrylic acid and pectin/acrylic acid prepared by free radical copolymerization technique: Comparative Review. Journal of pharmacy and integrated life sciences 2013; (1)5:78-90.
  • Symptoms Based Evaluation Of Iron Deficiency Anemia In University Students In Correlation With Their Food Habits (Under review)
  • Effect of degree of crosslinking on swelling and on drug release of low viscous Chitosan/Polyvinyl Alcohol hydrogels (Under review)